Having friends as a mum

Being a parent can be lonely! I feel like since i have had the children my whole friend list has changed. Is it just me or do you have a ton of party photos back from what feels like a life time a go? *photo way back when ... Its sad really but i do … Continue reading Having friends as a mum

Christmas/ occasion wear for Kids

So Christmas is nearly here!! Im so so excited, and of course there will be lots of special occasions to dress up for! If your like me on Christmas day we always get out our best outfits! So i was on the look out for some clothes for Elle and Laurie! I was kindly asked … Continue reading Christmas/ occasion wear for Kids


So having kids is just the best because its just a good excuse to do fun things! This halloween we went pumpkin picking! It was so much fun. I would highly recommend and we will be taking a visit in the summer to do berry picking! Hewitts farm orpington