How do you send Birthday wishes?

So as you all know we have just had Elle’s birthday.. wow where has 4 years gone?

Id been rushing around sorting all her birthday bits out and if your anything like me, I always have 101 people to buy a card for. It got me thinking as I have made a conscious effort recently to try and be a bit more eco friendly.

I would never not in the past not get a traditional card as I always think its nice to receive in the post. But ultimately what do we eventually do with all those beautiful cards…. they end up in the recycling bin.

When I saw a post recently about E-cards it made me re-think.

Traditionally I always thought E-cards were sent by email and for me simply opening a email doesn’t seem personal enough. But with Mini Epic Cards you can download the card and send via WhatsApp, message or even directly to their facebook wall!

Most e-cards iv looked at haven’t really been anything special in terms of design, and I’ve always been put off on sending someone birthday wishes by e-mail – which is usually the delivery method for e-cards…because it doesn’t feel very personal! 

So when I discovered these creative animated E-Cards by, which you can personalise in a few seconds and download to share with your friends & family via WhatsApp or Facebook – I was pretty impressed!

Mini-Epic have recently bought out a fantastic range of creative and fun online birthday cards, perfect for friends and family.

The best thing is I now know my friends and family are going to get a fab card in minutes.

Its another thing I am doing my bit to be a bit “greener”, and more environmentally friendly which is something you know iv been trying to be better at!

            Mini-Epic E-Cards take just a few seconds to personalise and share online. (A fresh, fun and fast way to personalise and send your friend their birthday card)

 I also always seem to post cards last as I forget to get stamps, with Mini-Epic E-Cards I don’t have to worry with no postage costs and pretty much instant delivery, my friends and family will never get a late card again!

I think its always about changing peoples perception with online things and Epic E- cards have definitely persuaded me!

I love the variety of designs they have for their initial birthday card range, I love the cute designs and they also have some very funny and pretty cheeky ones too!

As well as being able to personalise your chosen design with the traditional “to blah” and “from blah”, you can make your card even more personal with your own short phrase or message as well; a really cool feature is where your message is revealed behind a hidden “panel” – meaning you can make your e-card as cheeky or cheerful as you want!

Will you send an E- card?

Mini – Epic have kindly shared a discount code for you all to try

Enter LAUNCH30 at checkout for 30% off your first Mini-Epic E-Card!

Would love to hear what you think!

disclaimer- this is a sponsored post with Mini-Epic cards, as always my opinions are my own honest thoughts.


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