Exploring by Boat

When GoBoat approached us to take a trip on one of their boats i was instantly interested and intrigued, then i panicked and realised the children would be on a boat along regents Canal for 2 hours!

I honestly worried and thought they would loose interested and get bored.

I was so wrong! They loved the excitement of getting onto the boat and seeing all the wonderful landmarks and wildlife along the way.

The GoBoat starts at Paddington Basin, the lovely staff then give you a quick break down of how the boat works and a little lesson how to drive it!

Make sure you listen!! ‘Keep to the right’ and ‘steer towards danger’ ( which will move you away) is what i clearly remember!

The route

You are given a map and are told landmarks to look out for, our route ( which is the most popular) was along Regent’s Canal to Little Venice, past London Zoo and on to Camden Lock where we did a 360 turn and headed back to the pontoon at Paddington Basin.

Who can come?

Every boat has a enough room for 8 passengers, its roomy enough and you sit around the perfect picnic table. Children are welcome as well as dogs!

How fast does it go?

The fastest speed of the boat is 3 ½ knots, around 4mph, which we kept at maximum speed the whole journey, perfect for cruising the canal!

The boats are also eco-friendly, made from 80 percent recycled plastic bottles, fitted with Torqeedo electric motors and sustainably sourced wood.

How much does it cost?

This works out less than £10 per head!!! Bring your own picnic and a bottle of wine, meaning a reasonable day out in London!! Check out pricing details here.

GoBoat London is based at Merchant Square, also home to London’s first Floating Pocket Park, forming a new vision for Paddington that includes a Water Taxi service, Floating Visitor Centre and Café Barge. New events and attractions to be announced soon.

When is it open?

Seven days a week from 10am until dusk.

Its best to book in advance, click here to book now!

My top tips for GoBoat

  • bring a picnic, or pick up something to eat in the local Marks and Spencers or Tesco
  • have a toilet stop before you start, once on the boat you cant do a stop off so especially with little ones! There is a M&S cafe pretty much outside the Go Boat so pop in!
  • We are in london and in the british weather we just dont know what could happen so make sure to take, blankets and an umbrella!
  • listen to the driving instructions, its not that easy and it does take a bit of time to work it out!
  • enjoy it!

Its a brilliant day out, I can honestly say i would love to go back again in the summer. We really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend.

Disclaimer- Goboat experience was kindly gifted in exchange for a review as always i have given my 100% honest opinions.


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