Mum and You Nappy Subsciption

How easy would it be to open the door and have your monthly nappy and wipe bundle in front of you! no rushing out the door when they have done a huge poo and you haven’t been shopping yet.

Not only is it super easy, but i always worry about how much im doing for the environment. I probably don’t do enough to be eco friendly so when we found out Mum and You baby wipes are biodegradable in only 4-6 weeks

99.5% natural, and made from 98% water meaning no worries that im putting harsh chemicals on my babies bum and messy faces!

They are still plastic-free, made from plant fibres for all you lovely vegan parents, plus you can home compost them!

The nappies, iv been so impressed with they have a new wetness indicator and a smart tube technology which stops that bulky bum looks and no leakage! They are made using recycled absorbent wood pulp from sustainable forestry. This literally blows my mind that these nappies are made from wood pulp! Who would have thought it, they are super super soft so dont worry no splinters!

Then they are packaged in renewable sugarcane material, meaning no plastic whatsoever!

If you would like to try the nappies and wipes i have a discount code for the new subscription!

Use NATALIE20 at checkout you can do so here

  • Delivered to your door each month
  • Convenient and easy to change anytime 
  • 20% off your first month with code NATALIE20

Let me know what you think,

*disclaimer, these products were gifted and i have worked with mum and you but this blog post was not sponsored and all opinions are my own. All thoughts are 100% honest as always. xx

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