Salcura bath time

Both my children have always had such dry skin, and the season changes really seem to effect them.

I was kindly sent some Salcura bioskin junior to try. Iv always been very careful what i use on the children and have always used a particular brand. Recently Elle’s skin has been so dry i was willing to give anything ago.

At first impressions i wasn’t sure on the distinctive smell of the bath milk as its very strong lavender! Although once i dropped a capful into the bath i was pleasantly surprised.

I have been using all 3 products for around a month now and i must say its definitely helped with both Elle and Laurie’s dry skin.

Elle has enjoyed using the body wash it lathers up lovely and again is a rather strong lavender and chamomile smell which after a while i have now become fond of! I also think the soothing smell helps with out bedtime routine!

Elle has very curly hair and often has to use different shampoo to Laurie. Since trying the Salcura shampoo i have been able to use it on both of them! Its kept her curls soft and bouncy!

I will continue to use these products as i have been really pleased with them! What do you use on your children?

*products were gifted for an honest review, all opinions are my own and as always 100% honest

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