My skincare Routine

The other week I was super brave and posted this 1 minute video of my skincare routine on Instagram! So here is a breakdown. Id love to hear your skin care routine!

First step is cleanser, my skin is super sensitive and I love this creamy cleanser. I use it every evening to remove my eye makeup and face makeup. You can purchase it here

Next up is Superdrug own natural radiant glycolic cleanser that I absolutely love! its a great dupe to the pixie tonic! You can purchase it here

I was Kindly gifted the ayuminaturals mask that I have been really impressed with the mask has Turmeric in the ingredients and it defiantly helped nourish my dry skin! You can purchase the mask at Tesco!

As you can see I am a huge fan of the Superdrug own products! I use the naturally radiant eye cream

As well as the naturally radiant moisturiser

I would love to hear about your favourite products!


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