Do you give in to fear?

Recently I was watching someone’s instagram stories on how they gave into fear and regretted it.

The lady told a story it was about how 10 years ago how she had an idea, it was an idea on re creating model poses as a ‘normal’ person but she worried. She worried in case people would laugh at her and worried it wouldn’t work. She gave into fear and didn’t post the pictures! She then went on to say how she now knows how popular her idea would have been as she follows accounts that are now a huge success from the same idea

So it got me thinking…

have I, or do I give in to fear?

When I first started my instagram and my blog so many people questioned me! Why do I want to do that?

You won’t get anywhere with it!

Those people are those sentences kept creeping up on me and I definitely didn’t progress and push as much with my Instagram as I wanted to. This year I set myself a few goals with my social media and I am pleased to say I am on the right track. I pushed the negative comments to the back on my mind and got on with what I wanted to do.

Thats not to say I still don’t daily question myself because I do.

What I trying to say is next time you question yourself really question your negative thoughts.

‘Whats the worst that can happen’

Lets not give into our fears.. follow your dreams and you do you!

Let me know if you have ever given into fear, or pop me a message on my instagram


3 thoughts on “Do you give in to fear?

  1. Hey Natalie, that’s exactly how I felt just after I started my blog and I actually wrot a post about it, why I was doing it, what will people think, but do you know what, we don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone or body as long as it makes us happy and we’re not hurting anyone. So carry on doing what you do, it’s great
    💕💫 xx


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