Having friends as a mum

Being a parent can be lonely!

I feel like since i have had the children my whole friend list has changed.

Is it just me or do you have a ton of party photos back from what feels like a life time a go?

*photo way back when …

Its sad really but i do get it! People change and if you don’t have children going out at 5pm for dinner isn’t really convenient.

The whole making mummy friends is also very tricky, because sometimes the only thing you have in common is your children? You cant force a friendship!

Now honestly from baby groups since i had Elle 3 years ago hand on heart i have made 2… Yes only 2 mummy friends( from mummy groups etc) that i actually do see with and without the kids and i would choose to spend time with.

2 lovely friends who’s children i adore. I was incredibly lucky and met them at Elle’s swimming when she was 5 months old and we have since then all had other children at similar times. I would now call them 2 of my closest friends.

Arn’t they just the cutest 7 you have ever seen

Most of my friends i had before or when i was younger are all so busy they are just starting to get married and buy houses and i guess for some the next stage will be to have children. Maybe as we get older our friendship groups change and at points we may feel lonely.

Now i am not saying that i don’t have people there for me because i do, but my friends have altered. I also think there i a huge stigma about ‘mummy Bloggers’.

Mothers like me who decide to share their journey online. I myself have had people turn their noses up and think i am strange for waffling to my phone by myself.

But guess what … i love waffling to my phone because someone is listening! If you follow me on Instagram you will know i love a good chat on stories, although i haven’t been brave enough to ‘go live’ just yet!


Who cares what people think … well i try to think i don’t care but there is always a slight negative Nancy in the back of my mind.

But i think Instagram is an amazing community and i have made some great friendships, never did i think id have online friends but i do and i am not worried about saying it! Some are close enough to meet up with and others thousands and even millions of miles away.

If you ever are at a loose end please DM me on Instagram im always happy to have a chat if i have a spare minute from the kids!

Also text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Let me know in the comments how you feel.

We don’t have to feel lonely

Speak soon


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