Christmas traditions

Oh wow! Its the run up to the big day thats so exciting isn it?!

So i put a post on my stories about Christmas traditions and it got me thinking what we do every year!

When do you put your tree up? Now i know this can be a touchy subject and some put up as early as November and others very close to Christmas.

We put ours up the first weekend in December as its generally the time we go and see father Christmas! We have been to the same place for about 3 years.

Ruxley manor i can highly recommend! Its beautiful the whole experience and if 100% puts you in the mood!

The kids also have their very own Christmas tree with all the special decorations on. Every year we add on 1 for each of the children that they get to choose from the disney store. Its generally what character they have loved during the year.

This is who they chose this year!

This year we have also started Elf on the shelf! So dependant on how well it goes this may also become a new tradition!!

The Christmas Cupboard, now this is started in November and its not allowed to be touched until very close to christmas, its stocked with the favourites christmas chocolates, mince pies, and other sugar filled treats!!

Christmas eve box, now i love this idea but wow things can all add up! We are super lucky and my sister in law normally does the kids these. They include, christmas pjs, treats and a christmas film!

Christmas Day

We always have Croissants and scrambled egg on toast with bucks fizz! We open our stocking gifts and casually get ready in the morning! I know some people wait till they are washed and dressed!! I just cant wait!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Leave me a comment id love to hear!

Merry Christmas

2 thoughts on “Christmas traditions

  1. Such lovely traditions you are making with your family Natalie. Christmas traditions are so special and keeps the magic alive for them especially for when they have families of their own. I still get excited for Christmas, especially now its all about the kids for us xx


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