Our Little Elf Visitor

Hey lovelies,

So i posted on my Insta about Elf on the shelf and had some amazing responses. Iv been totally persuaded by the amazing slummy mummy! Emily is Christmas obsessed and has totally made me so excited to invite this little visitor into our home for the first time.

Please check out Emily’s recent blog post on EOTS

A slummy Mummy

As my poll was 50/50 on whether to do a blog post or you tube so i am to do both that hopefully work together! Please check out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see!

Here is a list of my ideas for EOTS

DAY 1 – Of course it the huge arrival of our Elf, he will be bringing both the children their chocolate calender’s, plus a few other goodies! I have some gorgeous leggings from bowspoke angels that they are going to love.Keep and eye out on my Insta!

How amazing does this look?! ( pinterest)

Day 2 – Now we are booked in to see the man himself on the 2nd of December so we will all be super excited and im planning for the Elf to be with their own mini Christmas trees and decorations. We buy a Disney ornament every year and get them to choose their favorite character.

Day 3 – Elf will be sat painting using our new little Brianhttps paints, the kids can then paint their own Christmas painting.

Day 4- This idea i got from the amazing Pinterest and its that the Elf has put bows all over the kitchen cupboard… cheeky Elf!

Day 5- I recently purchased a ‘elf swing’ in poundland so i am aiming to hang this up with the Elf swinging on it!

You could just use a toilet roll!

Day 6 – Another cheeky idea that i think the kids will find hilarious! Elf has put knickers all over the Christmas tree! a Nice easy one if you are in a rush the night before

Day 7- Again in poundland i purchased a super cute washing line, so i am going to put it by our washing machine with the Elf who has made a mess with lots of washing powder.

Day 8 – Elf puts funny faces all over our eggs!

Day 9- Wrapping paper all on the toilet seat, another funny one for the kids to find!

Day 10- Elf in the bathroom again, with toothpaste and sign saying make sure you brush your teeth!

Day 11- This idea im super excited about as i was kindly gifted some fake snow that looks amazing from Zimpli kids and im planning on the elf having a snowball fight with Elsa!

Day 12- Half way and the next one is a simple train made from the kids shoes! Super easy and the Elf can ride in one!

Day 13- I have bought Elle a squishy Belle and the Elf with have blow her up in a balloon, they will have to pop in to get her out!

Day 14- This one may or may not happen as its a little effort! Im planning on crafting a hot air balloon with the Elf sat in it.. hes flown back from the northpole

Day 15- Elf with mints in a pot, get the kids to sprinkle ‘magic’ on them and in the morning they will be candy canes

This is another cute idea

Day 16-  The elf has made a special breakfast and i laying in a sprinkle snow angel!

Day 17- The elf has drawn funny faces on a family photo ( make sure to get a spare printed just for this!)

Day 18 – Elf playing with playdoh

Day 19-Elf in a web, from spiderman!

Day 20 – Elf inside or on top of a huge toilet roll tower, you could draw a snowman on it!

Day 21- The elf zipline, candy cane and string!

Day 22- The elf has pulled lots of toilet roll out and written 3 MORE SLEEPS!!

Day 23- Elf has a sleepover with the toys Poundland do some super cute accessorise for this”

Day 24- Say goodbye to the Elf , he can bring the Christmas eve boxes! Pjs , a Christmas film and lots of yummy treats!

My friend also tagged me in these fab ideas

Let me know your ideas!

And keep an eye out for my EOTS youtube video!

lots of love




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